Three types of reference maps are supported. The most common would be one showing the extent of a map in an interactive interface. It is also possible to request reference maps as part of a query. Point queries will generate an image with a marker (see below) placed at the query point. Region based queries will depict the extent of the area of interest. Finally, feature based queries will display the selection feature(s) used.

COLOR [r] [g] [b]
Color in which the reference box is drawn. Set any component to -1 for no fill. Default is red.
EXTENT [minx][miny][maxx][maxy]
The spatial extent of the base reference image.
IMAGE [filename]
Full filename of the base reference image. Must be a GIF image.
MARKER [integer|string]
Defines a symbol (from the symbol file) to use when the box becomes too small (see MINBOXSIZE and MAXBOXSIZE below). Uses a crosshair by default.
MARKERSIZE [integer]
Defines the size of the symbol to use instead of a box (see MARKER above).
MINBOXSIZE [integer]
If box is smaller than MINBOXSIZE (use box width or height) then use the symbol defined by MARKER and MARKERSIZE.
MAXBOXSIZE [integer]
If box is greater than MAXBOXSIZE (use box width or height) then draw nothing (Often the whole map gets covered when zoomed way out and it’s perfectly obvious where you are).
OUTLINECOLOR [r] [g] [b]
Color to use for outlining the reference box. Set any component to -1 for no outline.
SIZE [x][y]
Size, in pixels, of the base reference image.
STATUS [on|off]
Is the reference map to be created? Default it off.