Development Releases

Development Source


More information about MapServer development can be found at Development



If you plan on upgrading to the a new MapServer release, be sure to review the MapServer Migration Guide.

The entire documentation is available as a single PDF document.



MapServer for Windows. If you are a beginner looking for a complete MapServer solution on the Windows platform, or an advanced user looking to avoid compiling your own, this is what you’re looking for. MS4W is a complete Web Server/MapServer/MapScript package. MS4W includes several flavors of MapScript (PHP, C#, Python, Java), and additional dlls for Oracle support. Several popular Web applications are also available for download, which are pre-configured for MS4W.
OSGeo4W is a binary distribution of a broad set of Open Source geospatial software for Win32 environments (Windows XP, Vista, etc). OSGeo4W includes GDAL/OGR, GRASS, MapServer, OpenEV, uDig, as well as many other packages (about 70 as of summer 2008).
A collection of Open Source GIS tools provided by Frank Warmerdam. This goes beyond your basic web mapping tools and include many useful utilities for creating, manipulating, and serving geo-spatial data. New versions will probably not appear.
A collection of binary packages that are compiled daily based on the MapServer and GDAL SVN (development and stable branches).


DebianGIS provides a number of packages including MapServer, PostGIS, GDAL, QGIS, and GEOS. It sometimes lags a little bit behind the absolute latest release, but DebianGIS provides a solid integration environment for a giant slug of Open Source GIS software.
Enterprise Linux GIS
The Enterprise Linux GIS (ELGIS) repository provides up to date packages of MapServer and related OSGeo tools for Enterprise Linux and derivatives, that is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS and Scientific Linux.
The FGS Linux Installer is a self-extracting file that will install MapServer with PHP/MapScript and all of their dependencies on your Linux system. It provides a stand-alone environment with all the required software (incl. Apache and PHP) to run PHP/MapScript webmapping applications. The bundled version of Apache can be configured to run on any port so it will not interfere with previous installations of Apache or other web servers on your system.
The OpenSUSE Application:Geo repository provides stable Packages for MapServer and other OSGeo tools. Development versions are also made available for testing in other OBS before being migrated to the stable repository.
UbuntuGIS provides up to date packages of MapServer and related OSGeo tools for the last three releases of Ubuntu.

Mac OS X

Kyng Chaos
William Kyngesburye provides excellent, up-to-date packages for Mac OS X. Most of the Open Source GIS stack is provided, including GEOS, GDAL, QGIS, and PostGIS.

Demo Application


The Demo Application has not yet been update to Mapserver 6.

Download MapServer 5.4.x Demo
Download and unzip this file into your computer. Follow the directions in ReadMe.txt. You will most likely need to move the demo directory tree to an appropriate location in your httpd server. You will also need to edit some of the mapfile and template file parameters to reflect the changes in your paths (directory locations).