The size of the legend image is NOT known prior to creation so be careful not to hard-code width and height in the <IMG> tag in the template file.

IMAGECOLOR [r] [g] [b]
Color to initialize the legend with (i.e. the background).
INTERLACE [on|off]

Default is [on]. This keyword is now deprecated in favor of using the FORMATOPTION “INTERLACE=ON” line in the OUTPUTFORMAT declaration.

Застаріло починаючи з версії 4.6.

KEYSIZE [x][y]
Size of symbol key boxes in pixels. Default is 20 by 10.
Spacing between symbol key boxes ([y]) and labels ([x]) in pixels. Default is 5 by 5.
Signals the start of a LABEL object
OUTLINECOLOR [r] [g] [b]
Color to use for outlining symbol key boxes.
POSITION [ul|uc|ur|ll|lc|lr]
Where to place an embedded legend in the map. Default is lr.
Tells MapServer to render this legend after all labels in the cache have been drawn. Useful for adding neatlines and similar elements. Default is false.
STATUS [on|off|embed]
Is the legend image to be created.
TEMPLATE [filename]

HTML legend template file.

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HTML Legends with MapServer


Should the background color for the legend be transparent. This flag is now deprecated in favor of declaring transparency within OUTPUTFORMAT declarations. Default is off.

Застаріло починаючи з версії 4.6.