Data Sources

Author:Thomas Bonfort
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MapCache uses the concept of a “source” as a service that is able to return image data given a set of parameters (namely an extent, an image size, and a projection). Typically, a source is the third-party WMS server that you want to put a tile cache in front of.

WMS Sources

A WMS server is the main upstream server type used by MapCache. When processing a given tile, if it is not found in its cache, MapCache will query a WMS server with a GetMap request, split the returned image data into individual tiles, and store those tiles in its cache for subsequent requests.

<source name="mywmsserver" type="wms">
  <http> .... </http>

Дивись також

HTTP Requests to configure how the <http> block should be expressed


You should usually only supply vendor-specific parameters to the <params> block. Never include any hardcoded BBOX, WIDTH, HEIGHT, SRS or any parameters related to dimensions inside this block, as these are calculated by MapCache itself at runtime.

MapFile Sources