MapServer ist eine freie, in C geschriebene Software (Open Source) zur Darstellung von GIS Daten. MapServer erlaubt die Erstellung von Geographischen Bildkarten, welche Nutzer und Inhalt verknüpfen. Als Beispiel: Der Minnesota DNR`Recreation Compass <http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/maps/compass.html>` ermöglicht es, Nutzer mit mehr als 10.000 Webseiten, Reports und Karten durch eine einzige Anwendung zu versorgen. Ein und dieselbe Anwendung dient als “Kartenersteller” für andere Bereiche der Seite um den räumlichen Bezug der Daten darzustellen.

MapServer was originally developed by the University of Minnesota (UMN) ForNet project in cooperation with NASA, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR). Later it was hosted by the TerraSIP project, a NASA sponsored project between the UMN and a consortium of land management interests.

MapServer is one of the founding projects of the OSGeo foundation, and is maintained by a growing number of developers (nearing 20) from around the world. It is supported by a diverse group of organizations that fund enhancements and maintenance, and administered within OSGeo by the MapServer Project Steering Committee made up of developers and other contributors. All source code is openly available via GitHub.

  • Advanced cartographic output
    • Scale dependent feature drawing and application execution
    • Feature labeling including label collision mediation
    • Fully customizable, template driven output
    • TrueType fonts
    • Map element automation (scalebar, reference map, and legend)
    • Thematic mapping using logical- or regular expression-based classes
  • Support for popular scripting and development environments
    • PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, and .NET
  • Cross-platform support
    • Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, and more
  • Support of numerous Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards
    • WMS (client/server), non-transactional WFS (client/server), WMC, WCS, Filter Encoding, SLD, GML, SOS, OM
  • A multitude of raster and vector data formats
  • Map projection support
    • On-the-fly map projection with 1000s of projections through the PROJ.4 library