TinyOWS 1.2 Changelog

Changes from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0

  • Fix custom types conversion (Vincent Mora)

  • Add support for geometry-less tables (Even Rouault)

  • Do not list non-existing tables (Even Rouault)

  • ows_layer_storage_fill(): fix crash when several bad configured layers are found (Even Rouault)

  • Fix crash when invalid “pkey” is specified in configuration file (Even Rouault)

  • Implement matchCase for PropertyIsLike filter (Louis Jencka)

  • Fix axis order issue on GetFeature 1.1 (Even Rouault)

  • Avoid repeated prefix of the typename (Even Rouault)

  • fe_distance_functions(): fix crashes / incorrect behaviour (Even Rouault)

  • Fix unable to use separator chars as underscore in typename (Olivier Courtin)