Version 8.2.0-beta3 Announcement


Project Steering Committee



The MapServer Team is pleased to announce the third beta of the major release of MapServer 8.2.0

This 8.2 release brings a number of major new features that are briefly summarized in this document. The full list of changes can be found in MapServer 8.2 Changelog. The Migration Guide also contains more detailed examples of the major changes.

Major New Features upcoming in MapServer 8.2

  • the repo has been restructured to move all source code into /src folder (#6837)

  • sym2img.c has been removed from the codebase (#6593)

  • handle templates + Includes (#6113)

  • handle EMPTY query response (#6907)

  • remove support for GDAL < 3 (#6901)

  • remove support for PROJ < 6 (#6900)

  • OGC API Features: implement Part 2 - CRS (#6893)

  • allow custom projections to be requested via WMS (#6795)

  • allow mapfiles to be accessed via URL Keys (#6862)

  • allow expressions in LABEL PRIORITY (#6884)

  • ability to reference SLD files in mapfiles (#7034)

  • security fix to prevent SQL injections through regex validation (#7075)

Migration Guide

Head to the Migration Guide for mapfile examples of the major 8.2.0 changes.

Source Code Download

The source for this release can be downloaded at:

Binary Distributions

Binary distributions will be available in the coming days:

  • Debian binaries of 8.2.0 will soon be available:

  • OSGeoLive 17.0 release process is happening now, but it will soon include MapServer 8.2.0

  • UbuntuGIS will follow the OSGeoLive release and will then include MapServer 8.2.0

  • MS4W users have already been using branch-8-2 code, but watch for a new release shortly containing the 8.2.0 changes at:

Other binary distributions listed on the download page should also be updated with binaries for the new release shortly.


The entire 8.2.0 documentation is also available as a PDF document PDF icon (1143 pages, with clickable table of contents as well).


Thank you to all of the users, developers, and supporters of MapServer. Enjoy!

The MapServer Team