MapCache 1.14.0


Thomas Bonfort


tbonfort at


Jérome Boué

MapCache is a server that implements tile caching to speed up access to WMS layers. The primary objectives are to be fast and easily deployable, while offering the essential features (and more!) expected from a tile caching solution.


  • services WMS, WMTS, TMS, VirtualEarth/Bing and Google Maps requests: Supported Tile Services

  • ability to respond to untiled WMS requests by merging tiles from the cache or forwarding them to the WMS source: Tile Assembling

  • responds to WMS/WMTS GetFeatureInfo requests (forwarded to source service)

  • KML superoverlay generation

  • data provided by WMS backends (GDAL supported sources planned)

  • cache types:

  • configurable metatiling

  • on-the-fly tile merging for combining multiple tiles into a single image

  • image post-processing (recompression and quantization) when arriving from a backend

  • interprets and produces cache control headers: Last-Modified, If-Modified-Since, Expires

  • multithreaded seeding utility that can seed specific zoom levels or specific areas (e.g. seed levels 0 to 12 of all tiles intersecting Colorado)

  • ability to add a custom watermark on stored tiles

  • produces a CGI/FastCGI executable for use with webservers other than Apache

  • configurable symbolic linking of blank tiles to save disk space

  • configurable error reporting: plain HTTP error code, textual message, or empty (blank) image

  • ability to specify vendor parameters or dimensions to be forwarded to the WMS backend (and to build a cache that takes these parameters into account): Tileset Dimensions